"Jesus wasn’t a powerful men. He wasn’t born into a kingship power. He wasn’t born in a likely setting. He was born in a barn. Next the cow, sheep and some other animals. He was born, most likely in poverty. He was an outcast to all society and died a death that was the most cruel way of punishment in the roman kingdom. The men Jesus lived a life of disgrace. He was a homeless men that was born next to animals and died a death of disgrace. Based on that, why do people look to him? Who is Jesus?

To understand the answer to who is Jesus, first you must understand who is Jesus not. It’s clear that you are not Jesus. I am not Jesus. Jesus is Jesus. Who is Jesus?

In them days, an men and a woman were named by what their personality told others about them. The first men that was created in the bible, his name is Adam. God created Adam from dust in the ground and dust Adam will and has returned to. The name Adam means dust in Hebrew. Throughout the entire bible, people get named from birth who they are and later sometimes they might get renamed. It’s clear that all the church will receive a new name at end of time. Names are important. Even God’s name is important for him. He repeatedly says, “for my own name sake”, Isaiah 48:9. In the lord’s prayer, it says, “Holy be your (God) name”, Matthew 6:9. God’s name is Holy. So we see that names are an important indicator of a person. Jesus name means “God With Us”, Matthew 1:23. So who is Jesus? Jesus is God with us."

Who Is Jesus? ('Jesus' Part - 1)

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